Black Whale

Lot Number: Ex-GW-01b
Phone: 018-383 5717

The Most Famous Tea Drinks brand, was founded in year 2018, an aesthetics & trendy tea drink’s brand.
Strict selection of ingredients, by using premium tea leaves with exclusive recipes, and using innovative style to repackage the traditional tea drink, hence to make a mellowness, smooth and fashionable tea drinks in market, as well as become popular in the tea drink industry!
As everyone have their own requirements on tea drinks, BLACK WHALE pay particular attention to their development of tea beverages (R&D). Each product is strictly controlled by the R&D team, as well as all launched products undergo numerous of trial and testing before release product. Moreover, each cup of product must have attractive physical appearance, in order to satisfy those bubble tea’s fans who like to take drinks picture. Therefore, BLACK WHALE has pay attention to every detail, committed to leading the new aesthetic trend of tea drinks.
Compare with traditional tea drinks, BLACK WHALE hand-made tea drinks taste more fashionable and richer. Signature products include Brown Sugar Series, Milk Tea Series, Whalcano Series, Refreshing Summer Series, Cheezo Series, Dirty Series, Snowy Tea Series and etc, and they are combination of traditional and modern fashion popular tea drinks, innovative teas can be profuse in praise to all diners.