Tako Tao

Lot Number: LGC-B1
Phone: 016-692 2341
Website: http://takotao.com/main/
E-Mail: lim.kit@gmail.com

Tako Tao’s desire to fuse the finest ingredients, Japanese culinery traditions, and its own local roots. All of our menu items are made in-house with only the freshest, top-quality ingredients, many of which come from the Takoyaki’s origin country – Japan. The consistent food quality and innovative recipes are now being served up everyday with every team member’s “heart.” To this date, Tako Tako has branched out its Takoyaki selections even more to include, prawn, chicken and cheese to conquer the local Malaysian taste buds. Right after birth of Toko Tao’s Chuka Idako’s takoyaki, we have introduced the world’s first takoyaki made with Ugi and Abalone Slice.